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Where is our clinic?

Our clinic is located in Rovinj, one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast.


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To all our patients we offer free shuttle service from/to the airports in Trieste, Rijeka and Pula


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Our services are synonyms to high quality, long warranty and acceptable prices.


What our patients say about us


I was attracted to do my dental work in Croatia by my close London friend Dijana. She has done some dental work with the Clinic in Rovinj several times before my decision to do the same.

We ended up in this little fisherman town at the summer time. Rovinj was on my priority wish list to visit ever since I traveled to Istria's other places. I went to the most of the main towns on this lovely  Peninsula, but I didn’t make it to Rovinj.

Before starting any dental procedure with the Dr. Enes Hodzić' s Clinic, I visited the Old town which is without doubt the most impressive and capturing part of City. I was delighted with history, cobblestone marble streets and bright-shiny houses in a cheerful colours. Not to forget attractive Church position at the top of this ancient beauty town-hill, and the hotel in the main centre square.

First thing, I examined the intended work and the price range in London. It became apparent that my 11 upper jaw teethe were in need of replacement with quality veneers. Initially, request were sent for price quotes to Dr. Hodžić.

And the response was very prompt and professional. But my surprise was even greater once I got there and met with Dr. Hodžić and his lovely team of people. I was given some additional discount, which made my decision to stay immediate.

I got even more impressed with the pain free service and high standard of care during the procedure. I can only recommend this Clinic in the most positive way to anybody who decide to do dental work at Dr. Hožić dentistry.

When I visited my Croatian dentist second time this winter, for some additional work, I felt even more valued and I was escorted to Rovinj all the way from Trieste airport and back.

The level of English language I communicated with his personal was very satisfactory.


I have never thought to end up in a place for medical reason and discover the pearl of Mediterranean.

That is my experience of Rovinj, in Istria - Croatia.

I was immediately reminded of Venice. Rovinj looked like a miniature replica of this famous Italian ancient City.

I was introduced by friend to the Dental Policlinic Adriatic Dent of Dr. Enes Hodžić in the centre of Rovinj. I have completed dental work in less then a week and still I have had a holiday on a tree-lined beaches in a town with bars and restaurants with quality food.

My dentist provided me with very affordable accommodation, and the best part were walks from place of stay to the dentistry.

I have never considered dentures. I was rather after the Veneers.  The clinical analysis was performed by Dr Hodžić. I am still amazed by hospitality and professionalism of his team of great people from Aida, Danijela, Ivana, Natali, Goran ... Not to mention the price of the work for which I would have payed twice if not more in the UK.

I got my new look really quickly with little or non significant pain and discomfort. I am still in awe how this complex procedure was done so smoothly.

I can only highly recommend Adriatic Dent to anybody who is after dental work. The quality is proved and guaranteed by the Clinic.

And I will be coming to Istria and Rovinj again.