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Dental implants


Implantology, as a branch of dental medicine, has become a part of day-to-day practice in dental offices. It provides a solution for all forms of edentulism regardless of the number of teeth to be fixed.

About Implants in General

The implant is made of titanium which is a bio-compatible material, more exactly, it is biologically neutral and a tissue accepts it as such. It is installed in the lower or upper jaw of the patient as a replacement for a lost tooth root. It is necessary to go through osseointegration period (the period of implant placement into the bone by the time when prosthetic rehabilitation is possible) for approximately 4-6 months when the implant integrates with the bone. If the bone into which the implant is placed is not satisfactory, it is restored to improve the bone using a variety of materials existing in the market today. ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic has a method to restore the bone that is unique in the world, using stem cells from adipose tissue. Stem cells are isolated from the fat cells by means of special apparatus. Then the real cocktail of cellular fat cells is made, stem cells and enzymes, which is injected into the damaged bone. After 6-8 months a new young bone is created to be suitable for implants. You can read more about this topic if you click on link “stem cells in dental services.” ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic has applied the high quality pre-tested German and Swiss manufactured implants named Sky and Straummann.

Prior to Implant Installation

First of all you need to know that implants are made by the dentists who specialized in oral surgery or maxillofacial surgery. So you should visit a doctor who is qualified for such a procedure. You must be willing to cooperate with the doctor because without a good patient – doctor relationship and trust, no one will be satisfied. It is also important to point out that you should be realistic in your demands related to implants.

Implant Usage

Implants are used when a patient misses one or more teeth and in case of edentulism. When the implant is placed on one tooth, the adjacent healthy teeth are not damaged. Temporary substitute can be made, having only an aesthetic impact. After osseointegration, upgrade is placed on the implant and an impression is taken for a permanent crown. With the permanent crown a tooth gets a completely natural look and there is no difference between it and other teeth. If you miss several teeth, dental implants are used to support the bridge and then 2-4 implants are installed. Complete edentulism is solved by means of the bridge on implants or prosthesis being attached to implants. Implant bridge is fixed and looks more natural than prosthesis. In this case, if it is possible, 6-8 implants must be installed and statically well allocated. This restoration work is not to be removed. If 2-4 implants are implanted on edentulous jaw (if there is not enough bone for installation of multiple implants), the patient gets a prosthesis which is placed on the implants. Such prosthesis is stable and strong but still mobile and can be easily removed.

What must a surgeon do during implant installation?

At first, complete patient’s health condition should be well examined. If it is suspected that he has some infectious disease, HIV or hepatitis tests must be done. ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic has its own laboratory and all tests can be performed in its premises. If everything is as it should be, prosthetic planning is made, being important the same as the implant itself. Success of implants placement depends on several factors such as bone quality, dental arch shape, jaw relation, teeth hygiene, oral cavity and regular chewing power of the patient. Analysis of X-ray images has an important role in this procedure as well. Currently the computer-guided implantology is also used which, by means of 3D technology, can accurately determine the position of implants considering the bone density, its blood supply and the arch shape. Then the real patterns are made which are very helpful during a surgery and implant placement. The procedure itself is not dangerous because it is done under local anesthesia which takes about 10 minutes for each implant. If you have a few implants in the same procedure (6 – 8 implants) or if the patient insists on it, the whole procedure can be done in light sedation. It is the type of anesthesia which leaves the patient awake, so he can cooperate with the surgeon without feeling any pain or discomfort. Although this is one of the most complex dental treatments, its success level is very high – more than 97%.

What is implant wearability period?

Implant wearability is usually for life. Possible problems can be caused by changes in the patient’s body, for example, in case of diabetes, high blood pressure, some inflammation, etc.

Are there any contraindications?


Contraindications occur rarely, usually in more severe stage of osteoporosis.


After Implant Installation

First and foremost, and every surgeon will emphasize it, oral hygiene and regular teeth checks must be impeccable, especially during the period of osseointegration. If oral hygiene is on the low level, it leads to formation of plaque which eventually turns into tartar, leading further to receding of gums and bone. Accordingly, implants lose their bone support becoming loose and it ultimately leads to loss of implant. This procedure success and further implant maintenance decrease in case that the patient is a smoker.


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