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Dental X-Rays (RTG diagnosis)


ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic is equipped with the up-to-dated technical equipment complying with the ISO standards. A part of that equipment, without which it would be very difficult to have work quality, is ORTOPAN manufactured by the Finnish company Planmeca. A dentist gets important information about health of a patient’s mouth cavity through dental radiography.

What can be seen on X-ray images?

  • Jaws and teeth roots
  • Teeth which did not sprout
  • Tooth cavity or cavity under existing restorations
  • Bone disease
  • Position of installed implants
  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Signs of periodontal disease
  • Development of other irregularities
  • Some types of tumors
  • Injuries resulting from an accident or trauma
  • Indicators of chronic or immunity disease


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How much will my dental work cost?
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