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Oral Surgery


Oral surgery is a special branch of dentistry dealing with surgical procedures in the oral cavity. It is applied together with other branches, such as implantology, periodontics, orthodontics, prosthetics and conservatives. Therefore, oral surgery has to be considered as an integral part of dental

science. Thanks to high quality anesthetic intra-operative, the pain is reduced to minimum.

In difficult procedures or upon a patient’s request ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic applies “SADAC”, the anesthesia in which the patient is slightly numbed, whole time awake, does not feel any pain and feels good actually.

The most common procedures in oral surgery:

  • Apicoectomy – surgical procedure in which the content from the pathological bone is removed as a cyst or granuloma in the top of the tooth, along with a part of the top layer of the root. It is performed after conservative treatment of the root canals when the treatment itself gave no results and when the cyst or granuloma still exists. This is the last method to save a tooth.
  • Alveotomy – surgical procedure which is used for removing the impacted wisdom teeth which can be painless and normally grow into the tooth arch. However, when a tooth growth direction is unfavorable or there is not enough room for it because it is disabled by other teeth, bone or soft tissue, it can cause symptoms such as pain and swelling. In this case it is necessary to perform alveotomy.
  • Cystectomy – there are different reasons for a cyst such as development of epithelial (inflammatory) tissue from which it evolves later. If the cyst is not removed, it continues to grow so destroying the bone and causing pain and swelling. Cystectomy is the procedure which enables removal of the cyst. The artificial bone can be applied In the cavity occuring after a cyst removal, resulting in faster and more complete healing of the bone.
  • Sinus lifting – procedure of maxillary sinus augmentation which solves the problem with insufficient bone for implant placement. This procedure raises the bottom of sinus cavity. ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic has a special method for sinus lifting by means of balloons. The artificial bone can be installed in the resulting cavity. All this enables us to successfully place the implant. The patient suffers from minimum trauma during this procedure.
  • Frenulectomy – removal of increased frenulum by incision, excision or transposition of tissue in the area of ​​frenulum. Frenulum occurs when there is a space between the two front incisors. When the frenulum is removed, the orthodontic therapy of space closure, so called diasthem, is applied.
  • Ridge levelling – this procedure enables resolving the irregularities of ridge in the lower and upper jaw. This way we perform successfully the prosthetic treatment and proper allocation of the implant.
  • Gingivalplastics – this procedure provides a successful solution for the problem of gingiva asymmetry around the tooth necks.
  • Other procedures – Besides above mentioned treatments which are mostly applied, oral surgery has treated a lot of other problems that can occur and must be resolved for the aesthetic and functional reasons. They are alveotomy of residual root, hemisections of molars, surgical treatment of minor wounds, estibuloplastics/tuberoplastics, various incisions, etc.

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