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Prosthetics is the branch of dentistry producing crowns, bridges, veneers, and full and partial dentures with which we replace the lost teeth. It includes fixed and mobile prosthetics. Fixed prosthetics includes elements which are permanently implanted in the patient’s mouth and he is unable to remove them by himself.

Fixed prosthetics includes:

CROWNS – placed on severely damaged and aesthetically unacceptable teeth. A tooth that is processed is necessary to grind first, taking into account a number of factors. (To be ground neither too little nor too much, the position of adjacent teeth and bite should be considered, etc.) Applying the technology owned by ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic, so called CAD/CAM technology, you can get a permanent crown in a couple of hours. There is no printing, a tooth is adapted by means of computer and it perfectly adheres to the die we honed. Crowns are made of zirconia, lithium disilicat, ceramic, titanium and cobalt chrome. Whichever material you choose you will have a perfect and transparent crown, which will be the same as your natural tooth.

BRIDGES – used to replace one or more lost teeth. To get the bridge, first of all, you need to have the carriers. These carriers can be implants or your healthy teeth being ground. It is important for these carriers (natural teeth or implants) to be firm and stable in order to be able to handle the load. Artificial teeth are made between two carriers to fill the gap. It is very important for the bridge to be properly cleaned by brushing and flossing and it has to be particularly emphasized that cleaning around implants is enabled. CAD/CAM technology provides a fast design of bridges. You can get all bridges, including those having 12 members, so called circulars, in a day, assuming you will not have any treatment, extraction or surgical intervention. As a result your teeth will be natural, transparent and thin.

VENEERS – used with patients having a gap (diastema) between their teeth, yellow or gray teeth, cracked enamel and tooth decay. They cover only the front teeth, so you do not need extensive grinding as with the standard crown. They are mostly used on the front teeth and, as being made of ceramics similar to glass, they enable for the patient to have a natural and radiant smile. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology they are made very quickly. A couple of hours is enough for four front teeth to be done.

Mobile prosthetics includes:


used with patients having totally edentulous jaws. If it is necessary to remove some patient’s teeth, a temporary prosthesis is made and used by the patient until his tissue heals and his jaw is fully formed. Temporary prosthesis has only aesthetic purpose and only with a permanent prosthesis a patient can live normally, eat, talk and laugh. Full dentures are not the best solution for patients. We have always tried, if possible of course, to place the implants in which the prosthesis can be firm and stable. For this purpose, four implants must be installed in the upper jaw and at least two implants in the lower jaw for the prostheses to maintain stability. After the implants have been integrated into bone tissue, they are connected with rungs on which dentures are placed. It is important to say that these prostheses must be removed in order to maintain the high level of hygiene. Otherwise, it can cause inflammation resulting in loose implants.
ADRIATIC DENT Dental Clinic has a solution for all those patients not wishing to have a prosthesis or any mobile work and not having enough bone mass to install implants. This is called AUGMENTATION (INCREASE) OF UNDERLYING BONE BY MEANS OF STEM CELLS. The complete procedure is described in details in the following link: “Stem cells in dental services”.

PARTIAL OR PARTIAL DENTURES – used in the cases when a patient does not have several teeth and there is no possibility for bridge supports, or he does not have enough bone for an implant placement, or when the patient opts for a cheaper mobile substitute. This prosthesis is made of acrylic resins but metal skeleton is recommended, where an artificial tissue and teeth are placed. It is attached to healthy teeth by means of ticks.

PARTIAL DENTURES WITH JOINT CONNECTIONS – partial denture can be attached to teeth with metal hinge joints. Such a prosthesis is much better and more accurate than simple partial denture, making less pressure on natural patient’s teeth and it is aesthetically more acceptable.

TELESCOPIC PARTIAL PROSTHESISdouble crowns are used for making this type of prosthesis. The inside crown is cemented with the tooth and the outside crown is built into the prosthesis. Retention is achieved by friction of two crowns. Internal crown, the one that is placed on the tooth, is usually made of gold.



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