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  • Sedation is a special type of anesthesia in which the patient is awake and able to cooperate with the doctor without feeling pain.
  • It is meant for more complex and more difficult procedures in dentistry (implantology, periodontal surgery, complicated extraction, etc.)
  • Before the procedure the patient who wants sedation must fill in a health questionnaire.
  • Conscious sedation is a state of calmness and reduced activity in the central nervous system of the patient.
  • It is given by the anesthesiologist through intravenous drugs.
  • The patient is awake and conscious, responds to questions but he is not afraid and distracted by sounds, feeling comfortable and relaxed.
  • It is not allowed to eat or drink 6 hours before the scheduled surgery.
  • During sedation the patient’s blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation are controlled and, if necessary, it is possible to use ECG.
  • After surgery the patient must be under supervision next 20 minutes.
  • Sedation is very useful because complex procedures can be done within only one patient’s visit. It is increasingly used during routine dental procedures as well.


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